25 July 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 23

While in the Mediterranean in June RUSSELL took the opportunity to hold a swim call in one of the best possible locations. Here are some of the sights on that Sunday.

A Sailor prepares to jump in.

A sea of strange fish.

A satisfied customer.


B's Mom said...

beautiful water...looks like you guys had a great time...did you see any real fish....hehe

cat said...

Hope you didn't see any real fish... the real kind, anyway, big enough to eat and big enough to get et by. :) Strange fish indeed! Looks like an awesome day for a swim, XO. You mind telling SN Henthorne to get the rest of his story up? He's got a hooked reader. :)

Jim said...

We did a steel beach in the Bahama's once from USS Stonewall Jackson, it was during our first patrol after instituting and on board smoking ban.

I still laugh at the thought of fifteen of our sailors swimming in a circle passing cigarettes around. Smoking "off" the ship was still permitted!

A Stellitano said...

I thought walking the plank was not done anymore ;)