06 August 2009

Deployment 2009

All, the blog has officially been given the ok to restart for the men and women of RUSSELL. We are safely underway now and getting into our routine. It is difficult to upload pictures from the ship to the blog, but I will be sending them to our ombudsman, Mrs. Amanda Robinson, while we are underway. When we are inport, I will try to upload pictures from the ship. If you need to reach our ombudsman you can email her at russellomb@yahoo.com. You can also leave comments on the blog posts, and I will try to get back to you when I can. For now, know we are safely underway and extremely grateful for all the thoughts and emails from family and friends back home...Take care and be safe. Doug

03 August 2009

Checking if this works

Good afternoon all. We will be restarting our blog here shortly, but for now I just want to make sure it is working. Everything is going well thus far.