24 March 2008

The Destroyermen's "Standing Orders"

The Destroyermen offers a genuine representation of life on a ship and records the day-to-day events aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer. The following are the rules under which the site will be operated:

  1. This site is an official Navy web site. The Destroyermen will be relocating to a .mil domain in July or August 2008.

  2. Contributions to the content are voluntary and are not part of any Sailor's official duties. Posts and photographs are reviewed by the Executive Officer and released by the Commanding Officer prior to posting.

  3. No information is posted that is not deemed acceptable to release through normal public affairs channels.

  4. This web site will comply with all policies and laws regarding the privacy of service members and their dependents.

  5. This site, including the comment areas, will not be used to air dirty laundry or circumvent any chain of command.

  6. While a general disclaimer is included at the bottom of every page, every effort will be made to identify when a writer is expressing his or her own opinions and when he or she is reiterating an official policy.

  7. We will not offer personal opinions on, or enter into debates about, our superiors, the government officials or bodies listed in Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or partisan political issues. Commenters will be similarly moderated.

  8. Comments are moderated, and when possible commenters who appear to violate any of these standing orders will be given the opportunity to amend their comments. In the event differences of opinion cannot be resolved, we reserve the right to delete comments.

  9. No advertising or merchandising for a commercial purpose is permitted on The Destroyermen. Links or comments for a commercial purpose will be deleted.