27 March 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors

Just some pictures from the first few days at sea until I can post something more substantive.

You can't start a road trip without "filling up" first.

USNS BRIDGE (T-AOE 10) fuels USS MOBILE BAY (CG 53) as we prepare to make our approach.


1st Division prepares to seat BRIDGE's fueling probe on our starboard aft station.



cat said...

Hmmm. Looks like a fascinating procedure. It looks like the fuel probes are just sitting in mid-air... ;)

Anonymous said...

I've not seen it from that lofty perspective. I was NCOIC of the After Refueling Station during UnReps.
This part of the job doesn't look like it has changed since 1980.

MM2 Slug of the USS England CG-22

maxx said...

I was a snipe. I remember doing that. We burned NSFO which was basically bunker oil that had to be heated to around 150 so it would atomize. Are you guys burning JP5 in those fancy turbines or?
Sir, What are odds of the readers being allowed to purchase a ship's hat from the store?

LCDR Chris van Avery, USN, Executive Officer said...

I dunno about the hat thing. Send me an e-mail (my address is on my profile page) and I'll ask our SUPPO.

azvdo said...

Nice seeing UNREP pictures.
Enjoyed that because I'm the XO of a Brazilian fleet oiler and had the honor of working in US Navy as an instructor at Annapolis.
Congrats on this great blog!
LCDR Guilherme Azevedo, BrazNavy