30 March 2008

Fires Lit!

It's the first Sunday from home, and the crew was quite ready for the first Steel Beach Picnic of the deployment. So, with the wardroom as the hosts, we rolled out the grills and turned on the music.

Fires lit

The Captain plays with fire

The XO plays with fire

Chow down. On the menu: Hawaiian short ribs (of course), hot dogs, hamburgers, fried rice, pancit, macaroni salad and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Playing ball

CMC tries hacky sack


cat said...

Looks like fun! Just wondering... Do these Steel Beach Picnics take the place of Burger Days? Seems like Mess would have a lot on their hands. ;)

LCDR Chris van Avery, USN, Executive Officer said...

Usually a steel beach will replace either lunch or supper, which ends up being a break for the food service folks. All they have to do is the breakout of the food and a little prep work. Most of the cooking, serving and cleanup is handled by others.

Steve Field said...

LCDR van Avery,

Just stumbled across the blog. I am very impressed. Well done.

maxx said...

You had to mention ribs. Sounds excellent.
Things have changed, obviously for the better. We never saw the skipper underway and we had 1 BBQ in a 6 month cruise. We did have division parties when we were in Olongopo,PI. Those were different times though. Morale seems to take a higher priority than it used to. I'm glad to hear that.
I must admit, I miss the feeling of being out to sea. The sky at night is amazing. Seeing squalls and storms off in the distance and the best sunsets ever!. Even the typhoon we tried to avoid was kind of cool to an 18 yr old who wasn't smart enough to recognize the potential danger.