28 March 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 2

Airdales lounging in the sun while everyone else works.

Multitasking - USS CURTS (FFG 38) fuels alongside USNS RAINIER (T-AOE 7) while taking stores by helicopter from USNS BRIDGE (T-AOE 10)


cat said...

LCDR, the airdales pic is really great! It's really funny because at first you can't see the chairs, so it looks like they're floating on one leg. ;)

va refinance said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing.

SJBill said...

Why do airdales do things like that? 'Cause they can.

XO van Avery, I lke the flavor of the blog. Good INFO! Just like being abord during the cruise.

Keep it coming, SIr!


Anonymous said...

Is that a female airdale on the left by herself? Won't the boys let her hang with them, or does she just have better taste?

Louis said...

The two ships look a little far apart for unrepping. What distance do you guys try to maintain nowdays?