30 March 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 3

Breaking out the ammo

Loading the gun

Big boom

Photo by FC1 Valenzuela

Little boom with big grin

All done

Also, I updated the last Eye Candy post with some better pictures. Click on any photo to get it full size. ET3 Kirkland has some much better equipment than I do, and I'll be posting more of their pictures in the future.


cat said...

You know, you guys have waay to much fun with that stuff. Sort of like my brother with a packet of cheap fireworks, old stuffed animals, a lighter, and lighter fluid... Almost morbid sometimes. Well, you gotta have fun sometime, and looks like that is the sweetest way. :D

The Lizard said...

It's things like this that make a generally unrewarding job a little better.

ELP said...

Very cool... I do think for the repel borders call, to give everyone a sense of more participation the Officer of the Deck and the chiefs gets a cutlass (parrot and eyepatch optional).

If one gets the chance they need to take a tour of the USS Alabama (WWII battleship) in Mobile. The 5 inch ammo handling areas there will amaze you).

xformed said...

Blue rounds? Well, at least you get one explosion out of the evolution....maybe an opportunity to explain detail stuff like the coloring of ordnance for the general edification of the readership lies within?

Just think: Later, colors of piping and valves!