29 March 2008

Division in the Spotlight - CG Division

Were you able to stroll the passageways of the RUSSELL this morning, you would find the members of the division that’s the focus of this inaugural division in the spotlight with springs in their steps and big grins on their faces. If you asked an ordinary Sailor what the cheer was for, they would likely answer, “Oh, he’s getting to play with things that go boom today.” You guessed it, the “G” in CG Division stands for “gunnery”.

CG Division is manned by our Gunner’s Mates, a few select Fire Controlmen and the ship’s sole Master-at-Arms. Collectively they maintain and operate the ship’s small arms, guns and launchers, and they store and handle the ship’s ammunition. For RUSSELL, that job begins with the ship’s two launchers that can carry up to eight Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles.

In addition, they maintain and operate our two Close-In Weapons Systems (CIWS), each sporting a six-barreled 20mm electric gatling gun for point defense against missiles and boats. And of course, CG Division also maintains the ship’s 5in naval gun on the forecastle, the two Mk38 25mm cannons on the port and starboard side amidships, and a variety of machine guns, grenade launchers and other small arms.

So, all of CG Division is gleeful because they get to shoot the 5in, 25mm’s and main gun today for operational tests and regular pre-action calibration (a test that ensures the rounds hit their intended target). And yes, faithful readers, there will be pictures.

Now, where are my earplugs?


Edward said...

Wonderful! Those who control the very pointy end. Your master-at-arms must have had a very satisfying day indeed with that fantastic bullseye on the dead Keyhole satellite.

LCDR Chris van Avery, USN, Executive Officer said...

I can't speak for my master-at-arms' satisfaction, but he probably wasn't too puffed up about it, because (unfortunately) it was USS LAKE ERIE that actually got to squeeze the trigger....

PCS said...

Watch out...
for things that go BOOM in the night!
I can't imagine how fun it would be for those guys with their op testing... It's probably a lot like a kid playing with a toy that he can only play with once in a while. ;)

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed your blog. My dad was on a Fletcher Class in WWII (DD-683 USS Stockham). I was a Marine in the 60s and worked for the Navy until I retired as a Fire Chief in Sugar Grove, WV in 2002. May God bless and protect you all. Your nation is very proud of you all.


Edward said...

Yes, Lake Erie made the kill; with Russell and Decatur as backup just in case. It was wonderful that the engagement was, as the snipers say, "one shot, one kill".

It gives me some reassurance that the carrier task forces have some defense against ballistic missiles. A hit at more than 130 miles altitude is awesome.