02 May 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 17

A brand new Master Chief gets pinned.

The “Crash and Smash” team stands at the ready while an aircraft is refueled.

A “big deck” gets gas.


cat said...

Amazing pics, XO.
Keep it up!

mb said...

Great pitures... we look forward to viewing every day. Gog bless you all.mb

navy mom said...

Cool pic. I found you blogspot while reading a story on the Lincoln. My son is assigned to the USS Lincoln. Any infor about what is going on where you guys are help familes a lot. Even though your not on the Lincoln I know your close. These spots and, emails from his ship is as comforting to us as your care packages and, emails are to you guys. I will follow you and, the Lincoln till you ALL come home. Stay Safe (from Michigan) We say a prayer everyday for all.

vet66 said...

I never grow weary of celebrating the success of achievers, promotions, and cobalt blue waters.

I can smell the salt water in those pictures! What is being served in the galley today?

NavyCS said...

Congrats Master Chief!


maxxdog said...

He doesn't look old enough to be an E-9. I guess when I was 18 the Master Chief looked pretty ancient.
Congratulation Master Chief!