15 May 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 19

A Sailor performs a daily inspection of one of the ship’s boats

A Sailor takes his turn on the helm.

A Sailor cleans a filter for the gas turbine uptakes.


jredmond said...

Thank you all! Keep up the Good Work!

Jim_C said...


I would give my right arm to spend osme time onboard with you all. I think it would be amazing to see -- in person -- what goes on while underway.

Thankfully, I have that opportunity through this blog. Thank you again for all the work you all put in to keeping us informed!


Jim C

Flower Child said...

Great site. I visit this one often. I was a Sailor when the ships had 1200 PSI propulsion systems. Great to see the gas turbine Navy in action.

USS Hull (DD 945) 1978
USS John Paul Jones (DDG 32) 1977
USS Sellers (DDG 11) 1969-1971

cat said...

Nice pics, XO
Of all the Milblogs I've been reading, this is one of my favorite. One, it's Navy (duh), two, it goes into the daily life of the destroyermen, instead of commenting on the news topics of the day, and so it offers a real inside look into life aboard and abroad. Keep up the good work!

cat said...

Oh and I forgot... Happy Armed Forces Day (belated) to the lot of ye! :D

patti said...

Happy Birthday USS Russell!!

scuppernong said...

Being a "family" member I am always looking for news about my child. Thanks for keeping the site updated. More pictures of the crew!