07 May 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 18

One of our recent port visits; Phuket, Thailand. Here are some of the scenes:

One of many scenic inlets in the Thai coast.

Going for a ride.

A view of the harbor at dusk.


outdoorspro said...

Nice, and good timing as well. I'm here with a MEDCAP team for Cobra Gold, 2008 and have been enjoying the sights of NE Thailand. We head south tonight. These photos just make me look forward to that even more.

Hope you folks enjoyed your liberty!

cat said...

nice pics, XO.
Looks like fun. :)

mb said...

Beatiful pitures so thankful you were ahead of the hurricane. God bless you all.mb

patti said...

awesome pics! thank you :-)
fine photography skills, sailor!

MishMosh said...

Wow, Thailand sure has some wonderful natural beauty!

Jim_C said...

Wow, I expected to see a lot more visable damage from the tsunami. What a beautiful country. I think my favorite is of the inlet. The color of the water is unbelievable.

Jim C