13 April 2008

Blue and White

Blue and white.

Most of the time, our world is blue and white.

During the day, the piercing sun brightens the sea to sapphire, and the sky gleams a brilliant topaz. Frothy caps of cresting waves mottle the seascape, and puffy cotton pillars of mounting thunderheads punctuate the gentle curve of the horizon.

After twilight the universe darkens in every direction to varying shades of midnight, and as the air dries and the sky clears, it sparkles with a blanket of stars most civilized men see but in dreams.

Only in the middles, in this shifting spectrum of the sea, as the sun sweeps the darkness from the sky or settles down for his daily rest, do the edges of the earth and the clouds conspire to produce a bold palette of colors, and oppose the tyranny of blues.


Mike's America said...

Was that the sunrise or the sunset?

Stunning photograph by LCDR Chris van Avery.

cat said...

I need to get my friend to read this... He's going USAFA and I'm going USNA, so of course he thinks the USAF paratroopers are the best, better than SEALs... Ya right. Everybody knows that one. :) The Blue and White post is pretty spectacular.

L.Jones said...

Poetry, pure poetry! I have a good friend who was a destroyer sailor during WWII. He has tried for years to describe to me what you have so elequently put to words here. I will make sure he sees it. Thank you so much for this and your service. L. Jones

maxxdog said...

There is nothing to compare with a sunset or sunrise at sea.

JClark said...

Nothing more wonderful indeed. And the wife wonders why I rise early when we take a cruise.

Thanks, XO!


Michelle D. said...

Such eloquence! You have the heart of a poet XO. Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.

Techie24Chick said...

The pictures are awesome! And the blog entry is as beautiful as a poem. Thanks for sharing.