19 April 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 14

As I discussed in a comment on a previous post, all the work on the site has to be voluntary and on a Sailor's personal time. When I first started and considered the needs for operational security, I wondered whether there would be enough I could post about to keep things going. Now, nearly one month into it, I have a long list of things that could keep me posting for three weeks tied to the pier in Hawaii. In fact, I just added three more during a pause in writing this post.

So, flashing back to a day at sea in March, we got to clear out some old business the ship was unable to complete during the pre-deployment period: the February & March Birthday Meals. Every month, schedule permitting, we hold a sit-down dinner of surf & turf for the crew members whose birthdays fall in a given month. Following are some highlights from last month.

The participants feast on steak and crab legs.

A view of the cake.

“The George” cuts the cake.

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patti said...

Happy Birthday, ET3 Kirkland...it's so nice to see the cake and know that you got to celebrate your big "21" aboard the Russell!