03 April 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 5

The Captain coaches the Conning Officer as we sail out the channel from Pearl Harbor.


Sailors keep a watchful eye on a refueling station during underway replenishment.

A petty officer waxes a Mk46 Light Weight Torpedo prior to loading it in the tube.


cat said...

These are really cool pics, sir. Now I really can't wait to join. :)

Anonymous said...

Sea detail in whites...ugh.
Glad I served on working ships, I think in 7 years on sea duty, only one sea detail in whites - arrival in Guam upon change of homeports.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to us mere mortals as to why anyone would wax a torpedo?

jlorenzen said...

Why do they have to be waxed?

Anonymous said...

I can think of two reasons: anti-corrosion (rust) and more probably, to make it easier to come out of the tube. It'd really suck to try to fire them, and then because it wasn't waxed, and was covered with salt and corrosion, got stuck in the tube.