10 April 2008

Eye Candy for Sailors, Part 8

Some shots from a recent flight quarters.

The flight deck crew lines up for a FOD (Foreign Object Damage) Walkdown prior to flight ops.

An HH-60 hovers over the flight deck prior to landing.

Chock & chainmen secure the aircraft to the flight deck after landing.

A chock & chainman waits for the signal to run under the aircraft and remove the chocks and chains.

The Captain oversees it all from his chair on the bridge wing.


cat said...

Seems a very...intriguing process, except the FOD walkdown...looks like the boring, long part of a usually interesting job. :)

xformed said...


It's good boring. A FODed engine, in a bird over the deck is the kind of excitement we don't want at sea and we really don't want it to get airborne and heading out when the loose bolt/key/nut/screw decides it should be ingested bad the turbine...very bad for the aircrew, most importantly.

I'll vote for boring FOD walks...(besides, on RUSSELL, it's nothing compared to one on a CV or big deck gator).

cat said...

Well, in that case, I guess it's not all that bad. But yes, my dad had to participate in FODs on the carriers, so he should know what it was like. :D

Marc said...

Eye Candy, yes it was at one time, but it is good to see someone on active blogging from sea.

But frankly, I like my spot watching from afar here in the Phillipines.

Marc OS1 SW (Ret- 2001)

USS Henry B. Wilson
USS England
USS Halsey
USS O'Brien
7 Years in Yokuska Ja and Misawa Ja.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to the Captain, Wardroom, Chiefs Mess and ships company.

Buck said...

I was only pointed to your blog today, Commander van Avery, and such a GOOD blog it is! Although I'm a retired USAF guy, I have an affinity of sorts for DDGs, as my Son Number Two was the CHENG on Mason (DDG-87) a few years back.

Thanks for all you, the captain, and men of Russell do.


Cdore-14 said...

XO---Please pass on to your CO that this former DESRON CDR has been impressed by how good your ship looks in the photos posted here. More impressive are the ones of your folks at work in clean and complete uniforms. I'm assuming that sea-water activated float coats have replaced the old kapok lifejackets on UNREP stations.

The shot of the CPO inspecting machinery foundations was a nice touch too.

Sail safe.

LCDR Chris van Avery, USN, Executive Officer said...

[Two comments deleted that were for a commercial purpose.]