16 April 2008

The Picture Problem

Many of you stopping by from .mil domains cannot see the pictures when I have to resort to Photobucket. I think I have a work around identified that will allow me to post on Blogger even when bandwidth gets narrow, so I think help is on the way.

I'll be going back through some posts to move images already posted to Blogger, too.


david said...

haha i used to be on the russell
00-03 as a GSM, you guys ever go back to diego garcia? we were there for 3 months of the deployment....but thailand, australia, singapore, and bahrain were cool

L.Jones said...

Cmdr. Avery,
Cant tell you how much I enjoy your site. I'm living vicariously through you as you and your ship make your way in the vast Pacific. Thanks for your excellant work and may God Bless all the men of the USS Russell as you go in harms way. L.Jones